Crescent Press reveals its secret Olympic assignment

Crescent Press has revealed that it was one of six selected by Royal Mail to print the limited edition Olympic and Paralympic stamps during London 2012.Crescent Press was sworn to secrecy until now, as Olympics commissioning body LOCOG prepares to disband.The business, which employs 20 people at its Shirley site, met with Royal Mail at the beginning of the year and was subject to rigorous checks and audits before it was awarded the prestigious contract.

Managing director Andy Matthews, who founded Crescent Press in 1997, said: “The whole stamp-printing contract had to be shrouded in secrecy. In addition to being confident that our workforce was up to standard and the equipment could cope with the huge quantities and fast turnaround, there were also huge security issues affecting the contract, and it was imperative that the location of all six printers was not known.

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